How to Sell a Birthday Party

Matt Uncategorized

“We open the doors and people come.” I have heard that saying from some of my franchisees and franchisees of similar concepts to Monkey Bizness.  While there is no doubt that this business will draw people in purely because their kids will enjoy the environment, imagine the power you could harness by putting sales systems in place on top of this philosophy.

Basic sales systems are well documented and used in most businesses.  I would argue that most successful businesses have some sort of sales system.  At the most basic level, sales systems have leads which they try to convert into sales.  Each system has a process which places prospects into a funnel and a certain percentage are then converted to sales, and along the way there are a number of touch points.  The businesses that are most successful are best at the conversion process.

What does a good conversion process look like?  It has multiple and consistent touch points with the lead and often uses messaging that is powerful, flexible and persuasive.  As businesses continue to refine this process or funnel, they generally start to get a better feel for the close ratio. This can be powerful as businesses then start to ask questions like “If we can close 30% of our leads, how can we get more leads into the system?”

These are the processes that can provide value to franchisees.  At Monkey Bizness we have started to roll out a new sales system to better control a prospect’s birthday purchasing decision.  While many of our weekends operate at high enough capacity, we ask the question, “What if we could do more?”

Through trial, errors, testing and other means, we have put together a sales system which can help drive revenue and customer satisfaction with the right amount of participation from our franchisees.

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