Franchising with a Dose of Reality

Matt Uncategorized

It’s been almost 18 months since I purchased Monkey Bizness – both the franchise and a couple of our locations – and the observations and learning that happens regularly amazes me.  My ideas of what a franchise is, and who the perfect owners should be in our system continues to evolve.

At the end of the day, franchising is an opportunity to own a small business.    The operative word in that sentences is “own”.  That’s right, it is your small business.  While franchising sets you up with a proven model and support system, as well as a sales and marketing system to help grow your business, at the end of the day it is your business.  You have control over which employees to hire, what roles they play and how you train them.  You also control how you market yourself in the community, what local businesses you align yourself with, and what daily specials to run. Last, but not least, you control the culture you setup within your business.

I often have talks with potential franchisees who say something to the effect “I can’t believe it costs (insert a number) to start a Monkey Bizness”.  My response is, it costs that much to start any business.  The only difference is a franchisee fee to open a Monkey Bizness, utilizing our brand and infrastructure.  As a potential franchisee, you should analyze whether you think the return on that fee when it comes to opening and ongoing support, sales and marketing support, and our systems are worth it.  The rest of the startup costs will be the same whether it be a Monkey Bizness with name recognition and systems or your own indoor family center.

I talk with many people who have very good paying jobs but are looking for something different… something that lets them be their own boss.  That sounds great, but I can say from experience that you take your paycheck for granted until you don’t get one regularly anymore.  Sometimes I sit here and think (again, from experience) that business owners are crazy.  Why would anyone choose to accept all of this risk?  You can make more money doing other things and you certainly can find other occupations that cause less stress.  So why do so many people do it?  Because being your own boss rocks!  I control my time and destiny.  I could list all the reasons why I did it, but they would be mine, not yours.  It’s a decision that you need to make based on your situation and life goals.

As I stand now, I don’t regret taking the plunge at all.  However, as I continue to talk with others looking to make a similar move, I want to make sure they are armed with all of the knowledge they need to make such a large decision, and we will be there with you ever step of the way.

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