What’s New at Monkey Bizness?

Matt Uncategorized

If you haven’t heard by now, Monkey Bizness Franchising is under new ownership for the past year now. The new owner, Matt Krieger, has been 100% invested in improving and strengthening the brand, as well as the services offered to all franchisees. Having 3 children of his own, they have been going to open play and birthday parties for years, and he was already loyal to the brand. With his extensive background in accounting, he has made the numbers a priority. How to make money, save money and stay efficient, all while fulfilling the Monkey Bizness mission of creating a happy and healthy place for children and parents.

There is now a centralized Support Center at the heart of Monkey Bizness Franchising which lends support from Day 1 in terms of Opening and Operations, as well as outlining your Grand Opening and Ongoing Marketing Plans, not to mention assistance with setting up a budget and showing you how to manage it for optimal success. These are not just documents that have been thoughtfully written, but also step-by-step, week-by-week guides with space for notes. We also offer weekly calls in the beginning to make sure your plans are executed effectively for your business. We offer monthly support calls, as well as annual franchise meetings to discuss what works and what doesn’t, and to talk about upcoming changes and improvements to the brand and the system.  At Monkey Bizness, franchisees are truly part of the team.

Since this type of business is about children’s entertainment while giving parents a chance to relax, we spend quite a bit of time on the marketing aspect of the business not just to draw new families to our open play and birthday parties, but to keep our current customers coming back month after month, year after year. Of course at most locations, we also offer a café with dozens of hot and cold beverages and snacks, free Wi-Fi, and a community board so parents can stay connected both in person and online. With summer camps, activity showcases, family nights and other events, we are always finding ways to keep things interesting, and keep your revenue up throughout the year.

Our marketing support consists of internal support, as well as contractors, who provide graphic design, campaign messaging, guidance on social media and paid advertising, analytics and insights into your performance and your target market for your area.

With Monkey Bizness Franchising you are getting the full package of support, name recognition and at the end of the day, fulfillment in seeing kids have fun, each and every day.

For more information, please visit http://monkeybiznessfranchising.com/ or skip to contacting us directly at http://monkeybiznessfranchising.com/contact_us/.