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Three Reasons Why Monkey Bizness is Right or Wrong for You

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At Monkey Bizness we have 6 giant indoor playgrounds open mainly in Colorado and Kansas.  Since I have taken over, we close a store in the Houston area.  Based on these experiences, we have a good history of knowing what works, what makes a great owner, and who has the best chance of being successful in a Monkey Bizness.  Here are three key factors we believe lead to success in our model.

Local Ownership

Some concepts can be managed from far away.  Those concepts are mainly ones where you don’t need to build a personal relationship with your customer base and you are not working closely with families.  At Monkey Bizness, our mission is to help build happy and health families in our communities.  We are big believers that active play is a critical component of child development and health.  With this sort of mission, it is important that you have a relationship with the local community.  You must be able to connect with local schools, day care centers, churches, community organizations, and other children-based businesses within the community.  This is extremely hard to do from 200 miles away. Further, customer service is paramount in this business.  We find that customer service increases the more involved the business owner is in their business.

A Passion for Customer Experience

Every business you go in has created a customer experience.  Whether they know it or not, a business has created a customer experience based on how they train their employees, the systems and policies in place, and the quality of their product.  In some businesses, this means more than others.  In Monkey Bizness and similar concepts, it is extremely important.  The customer experience starts the second a parent walks in with their child.  I often remind employees, parents are much more sensitive to our experience because they are trusting their child with us.  The customer experience continues as they play on our equipment, interact with other kids and employees, and eat food we sell.  Each of those elements must be carefully thought out.  Further, a great deal of time and effort must be put into training your employees and making sure they are fulfilling the customer experience you desired to create.

Marketing, Marketing, Marketing

Competition is not always bad.  We look for thousands of kids in the markets we are going to help a new owner open up in and we can’t possibly hold parties for all of them.  However, the competition for parent’s attention is fierce.  The good news is a lot of these business owners have no plan or strategy to market their business. Rather, they haphazardly launch a Facebook campaign or post six times a year on Instagram.  At Monkey Bizness, we give you the tools and support to both plan and execute your marketing strategy.  However, while we believe in our support and strategies, for the most part the execution is up to you.  The ultimate success of your campaigns will depend on your effort given and passion shown in your marketing efforts.

There are other traits that make for good owners, but without these three it is hard to be successful in our model.  At Monkey Bizness we want successful owners that will use their indoor playgrounds to help accomplish our shared mission of helping families be happy and healthy in our communities.  If you think this might be the right fit or you, reach out to us today to have an initial, no pressure discussion.

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