The Concept

Monkey Bizness is looking for entrepreneurs who are serious about having fun. Capitalizing on our strong brand and concept, we offer franchises to entrepreneurs who desire to own a fun, wholesome business in the children’s entertainment and enrichment market.

However, don’t let the children’s part fool you – we are serious about business.  We are an active play facility with multiple revenue streams with a target market niche of 1-10 year-olds. We believe that kids should be active and have a place where they can “monkey around”, so you will never see coin operating machines or video games at our facilities.

Monkey Bizness began with the idea that in order to grow and be competitive, we needed facilities that could constantly evolve, grow, and keep customers coming back. Our slogan “where kids monkey around” illustrates that we are a fun, exciting place for kids and parents to play. We have developed relationships with equipment manufacturers in various industries to design physically exciting and visually stimulating equipment for our facilities, all the while watching the horizon ensuring our concept is always fresh and relevant. As a franchisor, we provide a progressive business model that has proven itself against the industry’s top competitors.

A Model Built for Sustained Growth

We believe in continually developing our concept, and as such, have developed multiple streams of revenue and growth. We have positioned our owners to capitalize on their investment in their facility to maximize earnings potential. We do this through focusing on the following revenue streams:

Birthday Parties

Birthday parties are our bread and butter. We believe we have developed a process that will put you ahead of your competition and keep the facility busy all week long.

Open Play

When the facility is not being used for birthday parties, we offer open play. We are able to do this in a cost effective manner that allows customers access to facility at a discounted rate.

Food & Beverages

We have multiple food and beverage options that range from snacks to a full-service coffee bar. While we do have a minimum of service required, we let you help decide what F&B offerings are right for your local market.


Monkey Bizness has developed proprietary enrichment courses to keep your facility full all summer long. These courses last one week and typically have a high-profit margin.

One Concept – Two Models

A concept that can effectively compete in multiple marketplaces must be flexible and adaptable. As a result, we offer two different models:

Monkey Bizness

The original Monkey Bizness concept was designed for a 10,000 – 12,000 square foot facility. This means that it is often located in flex use space. While location is important, the business is built upon customers who seek out the destination. This concept is generally best for entertaining children between the ages of 2-10. This model has two play spaces which can be segregated so that multiple parties can be held simultaneously.

Little Monkey Bizness

This concept is designed for a 5,000—6,000 square foot facility that typically fits nicely in strip retail locations. This model has a “cozy” feel that is created by the full-service coffee cafe.  The model is defined by having one large play area. Design and theme are virtually the same as the larger Monkey Bizness concept, however, on a smaller scale.

A Concept Built for the Long Term

Millennials, America’s largest generation by population, have entered their earning prime and are raising families. They currently command an estimated $1.3 trillion in annual consumer spending. When it comes to spending money, this demographic finds that experiences trumps things: More than 3 in 4 millennials (78%) would choose to spend money on a desirable experience or event versus buying an item. This translates to millennial parents who value experiences for their kids over a trip to the toy store.

Percentage of millennials spending money on experience over things

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