No matter the business, marketing can make a difference between breaking even and making a profit.  Our marketing department helps focus your marketing dollars on getting the most customer in your door.  Our marketing experts have been working in kids-based businesses for several years and understand what it takes to reach your potential customers.

At Monkey Bizness we work hard at developing a marketing platform from which we can launch messaging.  Our platform is made up of our website, social media, in-store marketing, and direct e-mail marketing.  Through this well-established platform, we are able to reach our potential customers and deliver messaging about our services and products.

We also provide you training and support on how to spend your precious marketing dollars.  While we provide graphics, post suggestions, and campaigns, you will supplement that throughout the year with location-specific marketing.  We are there every step of the way to help and offer you assistance as you strive for the right mix for your store.

What we provide to our franchisees:

  • Marketing training and support through videos and guides we have developed.
  • Social media posts and graphics to use as you wish.
  • Quarterly campaign promotions and materials to refresh the in-store marketing in your store.
  • Full website administration, SEO, and maintenance.  However, unlike other systems, we let you have control over certain elements of your site if you wish to reach your local customers.
  • Analytics, tactics, and strategy to better track and refine your own local marketing strategies.

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