Running Your Business

Advertising/ Marketing

We provide marketing support in the form of original content for your website, blogs, and social media accounts.  We also provide marketing campaigns that spread across our marketing platforms including in-store marketing

Ongoing Training

Constant training is available for both you and your staff. We have guides to help you train your managers and are constantly offering trainings to help you stay up with the current business environment.  We constantly review and refresh our ideas and concepts to ensure our franchisees success.

Operations Support

The strength of a franchise system can be based on its ability to share ideas with like-minded entrepreneurs. We accomplish this through semi-annual meetings, an online community of owners, newsletters, open lines of communication, and financial benchmark surveys.  Our regular meetings with store owners allow us to constantly be providing material and support to help your business.

Concept Development

Monkey Bizness constantly works with our franchisees and industry experts in order to keep our concept fresh and provide cutting edge ideas. We believe in innovation.

Things to Know

Cost to Open

Opening Support

Operating Support