5 Reasons to Franchise with Monkey Bizness

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Starting a business can be a daunting challenge. Here is just a small summary of things you need to work on prior to opening your doors; leasing, build-out, equipment for your store, branding, pricing, hiring, and so much more. One great thing about a franchise system is they have thought all of this out already. At Monkey Bizness we have a model that we have replicated and tested. We have people and systems in place that can take some of the burden off of your shoulders when opening up your Monkey Bizness location.

The Monkey Bizness Brand

Whether your a small business or a Fortune 1000 Company, branding is essential. Branding is all about the impression you make. If you want to succeed, that impression should do two jobs – it should convey what is special about your business and it should show you in a positive light.

At Monkey Bizness we have created a brand that resonates with children and their parents. We take managing our brand seriously which is why we provide each of our franchisees with a branding guide and ongoing training to aid them and their vendors in portraying the brand appropriately at all times.

Along with maintaining our brand, we are constantly doing things to move forward. That is where our marketing comes in….


We believe that providing high-quality marketing support may be the single most important thing that we can provide to our franchisees.   When we took over Monkey Bizness we set out to build a platform where we could launch consistent marketing and messaging to our customers.  That platform includes our in-store messaging, social media, website, and email marketing.  We provide fresh content for each of these platforms throughout the year.

We also believe in the analytical part of marketing.  That is why we are developing systems to better track our customers, their demographics, and their behaviors.  Further, we provide insight into our franchisees about how to better track their own individual marketing campaigns.  That way you know where to spend your marketing dollars.

Growth and Concept Development

We firmly believe one of the differences between us and other franchise concepts is our belief in continual development.  Businesses will eventually grow stale over time without innovation.   We must constantly be looking at our business and strategically thinking about how we move forward.

An example of our constant development is our launching of Monkey Bizness University.  We saw an opportunity to launch our own proprietary STEM-based enrichment classes to serve our customer base.  We launched them in our company store this year to work out all the kinks.  Now the classes are something we are ready to launch system-wide and develop new classes as we move forward.

A True Partnership

Our President, Matt Krieger, has roots that go back to public accounting. From this, he developed a firm grasp and belief of client service. Unlike many franchise systems, he views each of his franchisees as a client and a partner. We work directly with our franchisees and are always there to support them and will respond quickly to their needs. The reason we are searching for entrepreneurial people is because we want people that will further our concept and be devoted to what we stand for.

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