Why Monkey Bizness

Be a bigger part of your community

Monkey Bizness is looking for entrepreneurs whose goals including helping families and children in their communities. Alignment with this simple vision in mind is the key to creating a successful business with us.  

Our most successful owners are those with a deeply rooted belief that the development of children, betterment of families, and support of those organization with like minded missions is the best way to help build their local communities.  

We invite you to leverage what Monkey Bizness has created to build your own children's business to help your community. Learn more below!

Leverage our Design

On-going real estate costs will be one of your largest expenses.  With Monkey Bizness you can leverage our design to fit into 3,000 to 5,500 sq. ft. This is half the size of most of our competitors.  This gives you the benefit of saving money both upfront on the build out costs as well as each month when you pay your rent. 

Leverage Expierience

Being 13+ years old has given us the expierience and data to design a business that gives you the best chances of success.  Whether it be utilizing our marketing platform, design process, employee training, or more, you will benefit from years of expierience in perfecting our model.

Leverage Flexibility

Whether you want to work in your Monkey Bizness or treat it like a passive investment, our model gives you the benefit of flexability. Work-life balance looks different for all of us, but a benefit of Monkey Bizness is you control your balance.

Leverage our Data

We like to say we are more than just a pretty face…..our technology and data have allowed us to design systems and marketing strategy to help drive customer retention and engagement.  Our owners benefit from thought out marketing strategy and technology that put them ahead of the competition.

Leverage Training

Our training revolves around a combination of classroom instruction and on-the-job experiences.  Because we cover things like human resources, employee management, inventory, financial analysis, local marketing, and much more you are a step ahead of your competiton. 

Leverage Team

As an owner of a Monkey Bizness, you are on a team.  Have a technology question, a marketing question, an employee question….our owners have seen it all and leverage each other to build better businesses.  As an owner, you get access to this network to help benefit your business.

Return Visit: Leveraging Technology

Imagine a system that kept track of all your customers' waivers so once filled out, they never had to do again.  The system also kept track of how often they came and compiled other data such as their kid's ages, birthdays, their zip code, and email address.  What if that information was then used to do email drip campaigns that emailed when a customer hasn't been to your store in 30, 60, and 90 days.  This system might email them coupons and then automatically attach it to their accounts.  If a child's birthday was 35 days away, the system automatically started an email campaign.  This system could even track a customer's loyalty and reward them with points based on the number of visits to your store.  Whatif this system could check your store's statistics from your home computer or phone on the beach. 

We developed that system and our owners get all the benefits.

  • Keep track of your store from anywhere, whether your own vacation or working from home
  • Know your busy times and be able to adjust to fluctuations in customers
  • Automatically market to your customers based on their frequency of visits and birthday dates
  • Know where your customers are coming from and be able to identify your best customers
  • Have up to date marketing lists so you are wasting money on marketing to old customers
  • Identify issues earlier by comparing customer data to previous periods
  • Know how your staff’s customer service is doing so you can quickly correct issues
  • And much more….

The Real Estate Problem & Our Solution

There is a common problem in the children's entertainment business.....people keep trying to build bigger. It's the Disney Problem. Disney keeps building and adding and people in the much different and smaller children's entertainment business mistake that this is a viable strategy for them. The thing is...Disney is in a completely different business.

I have seen several competitors and former Monkey Bizness franchisees go by the wayside. It's not mismanagement or lack of community interest that drives them out of business. It is poor real estate decisions.

When it comes to the real estate process, you must be patient and diligent. Finding the right spot can save you thousands of dollars both prior and subsequent to opening. We're not just talking about location, we are talking about a property that is physically ready for a Monkey Bizness. Monkey Bizness’s unique footprint allows you to save money upfront and each month.

The real estate process is one that is lined with landmines and that we can help you navigate. We use a project manager who helps you manage the process and point out potential issues with properties and a professional real estate team that knows you are looking for.


How do I get started?

Complete the “Request Information” form on our website to take the next step!