Our extensive support and training programs revolves around a combination of classroom instruction and on-the-job training in franchisee-owned stores plus real-world insights on marketing, finance, and management systems.

Monkey Biznesss Support

Whether it is opening support or on-going support, we have you covered!

Opening Support

site selection

Site selection is about finding the best location and property for your business. This is a crucial step to your ongoing success. We are there every step of the way to get you in the best possible indoor play facility at the right price.  Our goal is for you to save money up front and each month.


Now that we have identified the site, what do we do? Our project management team will help get you from lease signing to store opening. You benefit from a professionally manage process with cost savings and fewer headaches.


With so many ways to market a business, it can be confusing. At Monkey Bizness, we have developed an industry leading workbook for you to utilize in the 12 weeks prior to your store opening. This will help you stay on track as well as work with the Support Center to succesfully launch your business.

on going support


We have used data to create unique marketing systems to keep customers coming back.  Monkey Bizness helps create a platform for your business to communicate with customers and build fans for your business.  You benefit from creating recurring customers that drive revenue.

Human Resources

Your second largest expense (and biggest headache!) will be employees.  Whether it be finding the right people, onboarding, or training, through our online portal we have resources for you to utilize.  Save time and train better employees with our support.


Businesses that stop developing generally fade away. At Monkey Bizness we are constantly reviewing our services, marketing, and offerings. Whether it be launching our new enrichment program or working with equipment vendors, your business will stay fresh.

Design & Layout

Monkey Bizness has put the thought and work into designing two prototype layouts to fully utilize all of your space and build out your indoor playground with exciting equipment.  We have designed two models so that you have the flexibility of selecting the appropriate one for your community.  Our 3,000 square foot indoor playground model was designed to be wide open to enhance the smaller space and reduce buildout costs. Our 5,000 square foot model maximizes space and increases your party capacity by utilizing two play floors and one party room. Each space is brought to life with elements such as synthetic grass and bamboo decorated front desks.

Take a look at our models below: