Community minded Children’s Business that is Serious About Fun

A visionary concept for people interested in investing in families in their communities

Monkey Bizness Children's Entertainment

Monkey Bizness is a 13-year-old brand that has an innovative solution for those looking for an entrepreneurial way of investing in families in their community.   By sticking to our values and our company’s mission of creating happy and healthy families within our communities, we have created award-winning stores.  Our Centennial, CO store has been named the best place in Denver to throw a birthday party for 10 of the past 13 years.  Monkey Bizness Franchising is backed by solid execution and continued development.  We have served over 2 million kids and their families and are looking to do more.

“Monkey Bizness is something unique and different in the communities we are in.  We are looking to partner with owners who wish to be a bigger part of their community and helping them build something special” says CEO Matt Krieger.  “We don’t have an aggressive growth plan. We would prefer to find 1-2 franchisees a year that align with our values and are looking to help families in their communities.”

While Monkey Bizness is looking for entrepreneurs who share our mission of helping families and children in their community, we also realize that we need to help with the business systems.  The business systems are what helps owners fulfil that mission. 

Many competitors are building giant centers, greater than 15,000 square feet.  Some are really neat.  However, what Monkey Bizness has found is most these stores are not financially viable over the long-term and lack the vision to be a part of their communities.  Monkey Bizness went back to the drawing board with our architects and designers to create a more cost-effective children’s business while keeping all of the fun.  When we were done value engineering the business, we had created two models to help our franchisees serve families in their communities. 

“Marketing can be a huge separator in a children’s business”, says Krieger, “using data and analytics to create a strategy to drive customers is something sorely missing in our industry”.   One study showed that 55% of marketing dollars were wasted by small businesses.  Another showed that 70% of mobile ads fail to create a positive user experience.  Methods to reach customers have gotten so much more effective and efficient over the past years however most marketing still fails.

“Most small businesses fail to have a comprehensive strategy around marketing.  Rather, they often just spend resources on one-off marketing purchases that don’t necessarily correlate to each other or a specific goal”, said Matt Krieger.  At Monkey Bizness, we try to market with a purpose in mind.  We have a comprehensive strategy that is aimed at one simple goal – increase customer visits to our stores

“Really concentrating on growing the right way, working with people that have a sense of purpose that aligns with us, and service families and kids, that is what Monkey Bizness is about,”: says Krieger.  “A lot of franchises out there are in a grow, grow, grow mode but they forget about the franchisee who has their own goals.  I get so much energy from working with our franchisees and helping them meet their goals.”. 

Want to learn more?  Read through our site and then contact us to discuss starting your Monkey Bizness.   

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