Four Important Store Level KPIs

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Many small business owners struggle to determine what metrics really give them an indication of whether their business is achieving its’ objectives.  Quite frankly, discussions around key performance indicators (KPIs) can be pretty scary for people who are not financially inclined. At Monkey Bizness, I consider KPIs the brains behind what we do.  I like to tell people, “we aren’t …

Monkey Bizness Franchising

Refining a Franchise Model

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Monkey Bizness has always been that cool uncle, that has crazy hair that you always have fun with.  Well, we still want our customers to have fun, but this crazy uncle is going to comb his hair and maybe get a new buttoned up shirt….. We are proud to announce that Monkey Bizness is taking the best of our old …

Monkey Bizness Party Time

More Isn’t Always Better

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They call us family entertainment centers, or “FECs”. That is the designation they use when they lump centers such as Monkey Bizness, roller skating rinks, rock climbing centers, and ropes courses together. Our specific corner of this is kid’s indoor play centers. This is the part where I would usually go through a history lesson and tell you where the …

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Numerators and Denominators of ROI

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When I talk with prospective franchisees one of the first questions they ask (and rightfully so) has to do with what will their return on investment (ROI) be.  That’s a hard question to answer because it depends on so many factors that are different between each owner and their specific situation.  As the owner of two stores, my ROI might …

Franchising with a Dose of Reality

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It’s been almost 18 months since I purchased Monkey Bizness – both the franchise and a couple of our locations – and the observations and learning that happens regularly amazes me.  My ideas of what a franchise is, and who the perfect owners should be in our system continues to evolve. At the end of the day, franchising is an …

How to Sell a Birthday Party

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“We open the doors and people come.” I have heard that saying from some of my franchisees and franchisees of similar concepts to Monkey Bizness.  While there is no doubt that this business will draw people in purely because their kids will enjoy the environment, imagine the power you could harness by putting sales systems in place on top of …

Monkey Bizness Franchising Money

Item 19’s Are Important, But Not More than Your Research

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It’s been one year since I purchased and have been the franchisor of the Monkey Bizness concept.  One of the biggest benefits I have seen from this venture is that I get to network with many other aspiring entrepreneurs not just about franchising with us, but about what their ambitions and goals are. Inevitably, one focus of this conversation is …

Monkey Bizness listed on Entrepreneur

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Monkey Bizness is proud to be listed with many other great children’s concepts by Entrepreneur Magazine.   Check it out now:

Monkey Bizness Owners

The Value of Values – the Economics Behind Core Values

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I began my career as an accountant and went to work for a large regional firm.   On day 1, I sat in a conference room with twenty or so other new employees, while a partner detailed to us the firm’s core values and mission.  Being right out of college and already knowing everything, I was tired of the talk before …